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Your Personal Wedding Hair Trial

‘A peaceful sanctuary, hidden away from the busyness of life.’

That is how I would describe my beautiful bridal hair studio. I think my past brides would agree!

I have tried to make a space where brides can come and relax and feel a sense of peace, over all of the decisions that need to be made when planning a wedding. A time for you to concentrate on a very big part of your day in calm, fun atmosphere.
Every bride is welcomed with glass of Prosecco, or simply a warming coffee or tea of your choice.


Gorgeous Bouquet by Florist in the Forest


SO…… are you wondering how you will ever decide on the perfect hairstyle for you on your very special day?
A little preparation work by you, before you come to the trial, will go a long way to making your journey easier. Grab yourself a coffee and a comfy chair. Pinterest is your way forward!

Create yourself a personal ‘Wedding Hair’ board and start to choose styles that catch your eye. Try to find images that match your hair type. Is your hair fine, thick, curly or straight? Try to be realistic about what your hair will do.


Maybe you will only like the side of one hairstyle and the front or the back of another. That’s fine! Save all those ideas on your board.
Maybe you are not sure whether to wear your hair up, or down, or half up half down. Choose a few styles of each option, and we can play around with a couple of these options.

Once you have done this, it would be great to send me a link to your board ahead of your trial.

What if I my hair isn’t thick enough or long enough for my chosen style…..?

Bare in mind that high quality clip-in-in extensions can be added for fullness, volume and length. Extensions can be added into a braid to make it thicker or into a knot to create fullness. They are also fabulous to add a different tone into your hair colour for the day. This works really well if you have dark hair and have chosen a braided hairstyle. Introducing another tone will help the braids to stand out more, without having to colour your hair.
I can colour match the extensions for you and taylor make them to fit you. No one will know your secret!


What should I wear in my hair? …. is a question I am often asked. This is usually determined by the style of the dress or the theme of the wedding.

A boho bride may go for all things natural. ie. freshly picked flowers randomly placed in a style. ( my favourite style by the way!)
Why not go for a floral crown? They look amazing in photos. Maybe you love the idea of this but aren’t quite brave enough to wear one for your ceremony. I have the answer…! :)) Have one made up by your florist and get your photographer to take some gorgeous photos of you in it, at some point during the day. It would be fun and your photographer would love it too!


Is the dress a classic style? Could your hair piece tie in with your dress maybe?
Does it have pearls or sparkles on it? What colour are the pearls? Should the sparkles be set in gold, silver or rose gold?
A hair accessory could be in the form of a comb, headband or individual pins to dress a hairstyle.

How about going for a hair vine that can be incorporated within a style, worn either back, front or on the side of the head, according to the hairstyle. There are so many beautiful hair vines out there, from simple leafy designs, to floral, and sparkly ones.


Is the style of your wedding vintage? Why not choose an original vintage hair piece? Maybe you have a family heirloom. A hair comb from a grandmother’s wedding. Have a scout around Ebay or vintage fairs to see what you could find. Original vintage shoe buckles can be made into hair combs. Just an idea!

I do have a few gorgeous hair accessories in the studio for you to try by Eden B Studio and My Fayre Favourite. They are all so pretty!


These beautiful Lena pins are by Eden B Studio.


You may decide not to wear anything at all in your hair if your hairstyle is intricate or you have a beautiful veil that will be centre of attention, or simply a dress that is a statement in itself, and says it all.

The wedding morning……

Your bridal hairstylist and your makeup artist are invaluable to you on your wedding morning for organising a smooth running order of the day.
I would describe us as the ‘Wedding Morning Planners’. 

I personally like to work to a plan. So.. once the trial is done and you are 100% happy with your hairstyle, we will discuss who will need their hair doing and in what order….... Mum may need to go first if she has errands to run, or young flower girls may need to go last so they don’t have to wait too long before leaving for the ceremony. 

I will work out roughly how much time each person will need, leaving a little leeway for a bridesmaid with extra thick hair, or maybe for one of your bridal party being a little late to sit in the chair. 
I like to leave at least an hour between finishing the hair and makeup and leaving for the ceremony. Time management is the key to a smooth running day. This last hour goes so fast you will not believe it. 

Simply Beautiful Wedding hair- bridal hair trial plan

Once we have made a rough plan, I will share it with your makeup artist. ( I would highly recommend you use one to ensure your whole morning is stress free and a pampering delight.) The makeup artist can then add her timings to the plan or discuss how we can shuffle things a little to fit everyone into the schedule without clashing. The revised plan will then be sent back to you for your approval. All of this ensures a stress free, enjoyable fun morning, with your family and friends, and no worries of being late for your big day. 

A huge thank you to the brilliant Matilda Delves Photography for sparing her time to visit the studio to drink coffee & take some great shots of me doing what I do best.

and Hattie of course! ;)